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Episode 62: MLB ALDS and NLDS (Grantland Network)

October 6th, 2011

Jonah Keri continues his MLB playoff coverage of the ALDS and NLDS with Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus (Texas Rangers); Tommy Bennett of Baseball Prospectus (Philadelphia Phillies); Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (St. Louis Cardinals); Ben Kabak of River Avenue Blues (New York Yankees); Al Beaton of Bless You Boys (Detroit Tigers); Jack Moore of FanGraphs and Disciples of Uecker (Milwaukee Brewers); and Nick Piecoro of The Arizona Republic (Arizona Diamondbacks).

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Episode 61: Wild Card (Grantland Network)

September 29th, 2011

Jonah Keri breaks down the 2011 MLB wild card contenders with bloggers Patrick Sullivan from Over the Monster, Steve Slowinski from DRaysBay, Craig Calcaterra from NBC Sports Hardball Talk, and Dayn Perry from ESPN Insider and FanGraphs, then discusses the division winners with Doug Glanville from ESPN's Baseball Tonight.

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Episode 60: Rob Neyer (Grantland Network)

September 24th, 2011

Jonah Keri interviews Rob Neyer, National Baseball Editor for SB Nation. Topics include: Jonah's birthday and favorite ages; the Braves, the Cards, and the NL wildcard race; the AL wildcard race; and the Moneyball movie and the statistical revolution.

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Episode 59: R.A. Dickey (Grantland Network)

September 13th, 2011

Jonah Keri interviews R.A. Dickey, knuckleball-throwing pitcher for the New York Mets. Topics include: R.A. Dickey Face; losing his signing bonus because of the discovery that he doesn't have an Ulnar Collateral Ligament; his long stint in the minor leagues; the knuckleball; becoming a pitching coach; how the Mets' ownership issues and stadium changes impact players; Star Wars night at Citi Field; climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for the charity Red Light District Outreach Mumbai; the Mets' reaction to one of their top pitchers climbing Mount Kilimanjaro; embracing social media; and writing a book.

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Episode 58: Len Kasper (Grantland Network)

September 9th, 2011

Jonah Keri interviews Len Kasper, play-by-play announcer for the Chicago Cubs on WGN and Comcast TV. Topics include: Milwaukee Brewers' 2011 outlook; whether anyone can beat the Phillies in the playoffs; how baseball players' salaries affect our perception of them; trading Joey Votto; how expected win totals affect player acquisitions; the future of the cubs: Starlin Castro, spending over slot for draft picks, finding patient hitters; spending a lot of money on free agents when teams are still a couple of years away from winning; following in Harry Caray's footsteps; and integrating cutting-edge ideas into a mainstream broadcast.

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Episode 57: Dave Dameshek (Grantland Network)

September 1st, 2011

Jonah Keri interviews Dave Dameshek, writer and podcaster for Topics include: Debating Tim Raines vs. Willie Stargell; WAR: what is it good for?; our shared crush on Rob Lowe; franchise players; the Sonic Award; and a League of Leagues update. The Jonah Keri Podcast is now part of the Grantland Network.

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Episode 56: Mike Scully

August 23rd, 2011

Jonah Keri interviews Mike Scully, former writer and showrunner for The Simpsons as well as writer and producer for Parks and Recreation, Everybody Loves Raymond, and several other series. He is co-creator of the upcoming Napoleon Dynamite animated television series. Topics include: The start of Mike's career: writing jokes for Yakov Smirnoff; walking into The Simpsons writers room; balancing highbrow and lowbrow jokes; quotability; sharing The Simpsons with our children; Mike's favorite episodes from his four years as show runner; copycats; sensitivity around The Simpsons World Trade Center episode; hockey on The Simpsons; getting guest stars; Boston Bruins and LA Kings; Parks and Recreation: Comparisons to animated shows, and finding an audience; the upcoming Napoleon Dynamite animated series; censorship battles on The Simpsons; Springsteen. Plus, the Food Pick of the Week.

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Episode 55: David Leonhardt

August 17th, 2011

Jonah Keri interviews David Leonhardt, economics columnist and soon-to-be Washington Bureau Chief for the New York Times and 2011 Pulitzer Prize Winner. Topics include: The state of the economy; the impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on the economy; the impact of tax cuts and increases on the economy; politicians are just like Jim Hendry: what is best for the collective is not best for the individual leader; the White House's mistakes and the outlook for the 2012 election; taxing the rich; Standard and Poor's credit downgrade; how much innovation and education can help the economy; the future of the American dream; the upcoming baseball pennant races; and Bryce Harper and humility in sports. Plus, the Food Pick of the Week.

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Episode 54: Ken Davidoff

August 9th, 2011

Jonah Keri interviews Ken Davidoff, national baseball writer for Newsday and acting President of the Baseball Writers Association of America. Topics include: Ken's prediction that MLB would not do anything about A-Rod's poker games; whether gambling is a huge potential problem for MLB; the stupidity of our species; why it is so easy to pick on A-Rod;  A-Rod vs. Jeter; state of the Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry; the Yankees' playoff rotation; whether all baseball writers should learn to speak Spanish; what the Mets should do with Jose Reyes; the Mets' inferiority complex; the function of Twitter for a sportswriter; and the Baseball Hall of Fame. Plus, the Food Pick of the Week.

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Episode 53: Alan Hahn

August 2nd, 2011

Jonah Keri interviews Alan Hahn of Newsday. Topics include: The New York Islanders; pluses and minuses of massive development projects like arenas; Plan B for the Islanders arena now that Nassau voters have rejected the proposal; the last true dynasty; the NBA lockout; and imagining a farm system for the NBA. Plus, the Food Pick of the Week.

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